Solar Agro-Processing Machinery

Project Support Services (PSS) has been providing customers throughout Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands with locally relevant agricultural and renewable energy solutions and services for over 15 years. We manufacture and supply of a range of appropriate technology machinery and equipment, primarily for small to medium scale farmers and people living off-the-grid.

A solar powered rice milling technology will be piloted in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea for the next three years (2017-2019)  to boost food security and improve rural livelihoods in selected rice growing areas. This is a collaboration between NARI, Trukai Industries, Project Support Services (PSS) and the PNG Women in Agriculture with the support of the Australian Government funded Incentive Fund.

No Mains Electricity Access

Scaling Production a Staple Crop

Rice has become a staple food in PNG but not a staple crop despite its introduction some 100 years ago. Rice is not a staple crop partly because farmers do not get the maximum production output with attractive returns, from their limited investments, due to the lack of an ideal milling solution.

The challenge with milling services has resulted in rice farming being restricted to certain isolated rural communities that would make do with locally invented or traditional milling technologies such as the wooden tongtong or kisar mills. Where there is access to diesel powered mills, experience has shown that operational costs and maintenance repairs are somewhat unsustainable, especially in rural areas.

The new solar-derived rice milling innovation will now be put to test in Morobe to help ease the milling challenge faced by farmers. The pilot project is expected to boost food security and improve rural livelihoods with solar powered rice processing technologies and commercial market linkages in the province.

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Visit the PNG National Agricultural Research Institute site for more project details.