Bamio Aid Post Grows from Strength to Strength

Before the installation of the solar kit, the community healthcare workers only source of light was their mobile phone (when it was charged) or a torch when they had batteries; which proved to be difficult when an emergency came up in the night, or when a woman was in labour. One solar powered light in the aid post can now provide light for a full 24 hours before it needs charging again.

Bamio’s three community healthcare workers’ (CHW) daily workload consists of battling communicable diseases, delivering babies, and responding to the general health needs within the community. They persevere through lack of resources and supplies, extreme remoteness, and high maternal and child mortality rates. Despite the challenges, there is a determination in the community to keep moving forward and not give up.

Rural Health

No Mains Power Access

Unsafe Maternity Conditions

YWAM Medical Ship & Solar Solutions PNG

During YWAM Medical Ships visit to Bamio, four members of the MV YWAM PNG’s deck and engineering crew, installed a solar lighting kit in the aid post, donated by Solar Solutions Papua New Guinea.

Offgrid Solar Kits

The Barefoot Connect solar kit consists of solar panels for the aid post’s roof and four lights; providing light to the maternity ward, triage area, medication dispensary, and storeroom. It also includes chargers for the healthcare workers mobile phones, a necessity for their communication to Middle Fly District Health Services and outlying areas.

Since 2012 YWAM Medical Ships Field Coordinator, Hannah Peart has visited Bamio

“Every year I have seen Bamio go from strength to strength. We have seen Bamio Aid Post grow from one healthcare worker operating out of a small hut, servicing a handful of villages, to three healthcare workers operating out of a four-room facility servicing quite a large area.

“The installation of this solar kit in collaboration with Solar Solutions Papua New Guinea gives us the opportunity to cheer on the amazing work that the aid post is doing, not just for their community, but for the surrounding villages as well. The addition of solar power to the aid post has given the CHW’s a real boost,” said Hannah.

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