• Solar Agro-Processing Machinery

    PSS's new range of solar powered mills can process rice, maize, other cereals, cassava and coconut. Built strong for harsh environments, these machines have zero fuel costs, require little maintenance, have a long life and are easy to use. Along with efficient food production, these systems produce electricity that can

  • Bamio Aid Post Grows from Strength to Strength

    Bamio Aid Post had just been built by the village 10 months ago, replacing a much smaller aid post the community had outgrown due to the demand. The aid post is built out of bush materials and consists of a triage area, maternity ward, medication dispensary, and a storeroom. There

  • Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Fridges for Finschafen

    Located in remote Finschhafen, Gagidu Town Clinic required a vaccine fridge to support the health and immunisation project which focuses mainly on maternity and children cases. A World Health Organisation (WHO) approved Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Fridge was the solution.